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20 Sep

Watch as adult female rhino awakes

Watch as this adult rhino awakes from anesthesia to return to the wild after being attacked by poachers.  Please give so that RHINO 911 can continue to save this species.  Like, Follow, Share, and Subscribe. ...

18 Sep

If Rhinos Could Talk

The African Wildlife Foundation released a new PSA in partnership with WildAid. Part of their “Say No” series where a talking rhinoceros explains that the killing of rhinos will only stop when there is no longer a market for their horns, which are prized in East Asia for their supposed medicinal properties. ...

15 Sep

Graphic video of the treatment of adult rhino shot in back

Be advised this is graphic video.  The RHINO 911 team responds to an adult white rhino shot in the back. The bullet and maggots are removed to prevent the wound from growing. It is this kind of work that so desperately needs your donations to continue.  Help us save the rhinoceros from species extinction by donating.  Please Like, Follow, Share, and Subscribe. ...

30 Aug

Hurricane Harvey Relief Assistance from Rhino 911

Rhino 911 wants to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Texas so we have created a drop off center for items to be donated that we will transport to Houston, i.e. canned food goods, bottled water, Baby Supplies, Pet Supplies, clothing, etc. For the next two weeks the drop off center will be located at Reno Forklift, 171 Coney Island Drive, Sparks, Nevada. Please help us support relief efforts, every contributed item will make a difference to the people...

26 Jun

Welcome New Subscribers

Welcome Ewarn, Jacquie, Hennie, Jon, Kudu, Meg, Beth, Mike, and Corine. Thanks for subscribing, Sharing, Liking, Following and Connecting to share this important message. Rhino poaching has increased by 9,000% since 2007, with an average of 1,200 to 1,600 known incidents per year. DONATE today and HELP us save a species from extinction. ...

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